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ROZKOŠ – The East Bohemian Sea

ROZKOŠ – The East Bohemian SeaWater Reservoir Rozkoš spreads next to the town Česká Skalice. The dam is supplies from the river Úpa by the manmade conduit 2 km long. Rozkoš has its maximum tidal land 1001 ha and its depth is at an average nine and half metres. It was thought to build a damp in the year 1924 when it was counted with other conduit from the river Metuje, too. There should have been four power stations under the main dam. But the structure of the dam started in the year 1951, work was stopped one year later. The work started again in the year 1964. The plans were changed and the principal purpose of the work was the flood-protection prevention of the area.  In the year 1972 was the extensive structure finally finished. The water reservoir Rozkoš has had another function for many years. It is the important recreation and sport centre of water sports. Fish culture for sport and commercial use is important, too. The large water sheet is much-sought-for asylum of many species of water birds. North-east sector of the shore is even protected ornithological locality. The water reservoir Rozkoš is managed by the state enterprise Povodí Labe. 

ROZKOŠ – The East Bohemian SeaIn last years many camping sites and tourist facilities grew up around Rozkoš. The biggest one is next to the international drive-way E57 from Česká Skalice in the direction of Náchod. Autocamping Rozkoš is the recreation area with all the year round activity and with a capacity for 3000 people. There are at disposal 300 beds in cabins, 800 tents and 90 caravan stalls. You can find sauna, summer cinema, hotel., restaurant, stall with fast food, mini-golf playground, rental of sport fittings, water switch-back, children playground and paddling pool. You can buy a fish permit in a camp, therefore the fish- men not only from Česká Skalice come there but now more often the foreign fish-men. Near the main dam of the water reservoir Rozkoš towards Nové Město nad Metují can be found other area of water sports chiefly intents on yachting and windsurfing.

Nearby the Rozkoš reservoir can be found nature interesting localities. The forest Mnichovec by the village of Kleny and the forest Rousín by the hamlet of Spyta. But the close is the nature reserve Dubno. There can be found rare moor grass fields and wet ground with rich herbal undergrowth and bird species. This protected area is also the important site of molluscs, there are incredible 70 species. The Dubno forest is the northernmost situated flood plain forest in the Czech Republic. The oldest oaks, that have been grown here, are 270 – 320 years old. Dubno is also historical place. It was the witness of several war fights. In the year 1424 Jan Žižka gained victory over Hynek of Červená Hora in this place. On 28th June 1866 there was the big battle between Prussian and Austrian arm forces. The fights have been commemorated by many monuments, graves and crosses.

The place, where was made a decision about the victory in the Prussian-Austrian battle in Česká Skalice, is called At the Battlefield and is near the railway station. The Austrian forces lay in ruins after the battle in the afternoon hours on 28th June 1866. The remains of the army withdrew over the flooded river Úpa that became a trap for some of them. The Prussians attacked the railway station in Česká Skalice and the east part of the town by heavy force. Their artillery concentrated at the village of Kleny bombarded the station and the town with hundreds of grenades. You can still see them built in the wall of the house there is the restaurant At the Battlefield now. When they gained the railway station in Česká Skalice the Prussians culminated their victory at the battle of Česká Skalice.