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Ratibořice Water Mill

Ratibořice Water MillOpposite the monument behind the mill-race there is the Manor inn that still waits for its renovation. Originally wooden pub in Ratibořice was built in the year 1587. One part of it was a smithy. In the 18th century Celba´s family ran it. They rebuilt the cottage into the stone inn. This family was not subordinate and had other properties in Ratibořice. The inn became manor inn in the year 1858 when Prince George Wilhelm Schaumburg-Lippe bought it. The last modifications and rebuilding came from the beginning of the 1960s when the inn was run by the cooperative Jednota Hronov.

Ratibořice Water Mill used to stay on this place since the second half of the 16th century. In the year 1773 the miller Antonín Ruder from Suchovršice got it by marriage. He got married only one daughter of Ratibořice miller Josef Hejna. In the year 1796 the miller with his wife Anna built under linden in front of the mill the late Baroque sandstone statue of Virgin Mary. In 1842 his son sold the mill to the Náchod authorities that enlarged the mill for the converter and mangle. The mill worked till to the year 1914. The last renter of the mill used the mill together with the mangle as the converter of linen till the year 1949.After the nationalization in the year 1950 the mill was reconstructed in order to be correspondent to its original shape. The wooden mill-wheel was renovated and the grinding room was furnished. Up to this day the biggest part of the one-storey stone building is the grinding room on the ground and top floor. There is from the grinding room on the ground floor the entrance to a bakery and two adjoining vaulted chambers. On the top floor was the miller´s flat with two rooms and servants´ room where used to sit miller´s customers. Later the rooms were furnished with period furniture and historical objects according to the story of Božena Němcová.

Ratibořice Water MillBehind the water mill-race, opposite the mill, is found an important technical monument the historical water mangle. The original structure of linen scrub board and mangle was built on that place as early as in the 18th century. To this present shape was rebuilt by the late authorities about the year 1825. Huge mangle, powered by water, with linen scrub board, and the equipment for bleaching refined the linen from several hundreds of home weavers from surroundings. The production was ended in the year 1949. The building of the mangle was reconstructed in the years 1994-1998. It was open for public, the reconstructed mangle facilities with the exposition presented the production of linen. The under-wheel of the mill runs the transmission, spindles and different cog-wheels that operative the motion of the mangle. Twelve-ton monster, 14 m long, is a sort of bath weight-bearing by stones which irons the linen. The renewed mangle is the interesting exhibit of production facility from the period of the 18th and 19th century. The mangle in Ratibořice is only one working in the Czech Republic till this time.

Ratibořice is first mentioned at the end of the 14th century when in the places called Old Ratibořice, used to stand the keep of Vaněk of Žampach. In the following centuries the keep was allotted to the Rýzmburk estate. One hundred years later it was joined to the Náchod domain by the noble family Smiřický. Today Ratibořice is one of the local part of the town Česká Skalice with only 20 residents.