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Husovo Square

The Old Town Hall
The Old Town HallThe first building of the town hall was built at the end of the 16th century. In the 19th century it was rebuilt in the present shape in Neo-gothic style. In the year 1931 the first Czech literary museum was established there – The Museum of Božena Němcová, it was there till the year 1962 when was moved to the former, new reconstructed Steidler´s inn. Two memorial plaques on the town hall commemorating the local victims of the Nazi occupation and the foundation of Božena Němcová Museum, and its first director, a teacher Jan Krtička.

The Monument of Božena Němcová  and Neo-gothic fountain in Husovo Square
The Monument of Božena Němcová  and Neo-gothic fountain in Husovo SquareThe monument dated from the year 1888 by the sculptor Mořic Černil is composed of the bust of Božena Němcová on the high pillar with two allegorical figures. The bronze relief on the pedestal portrayed the scene from her famous literary work Grandmother. Near to the monument, in the middle of the square, there is the Neo-gothic sandstone fountain dates from  the year 1867 and the Baroque Column of the Holy Virgin from  the start  of the 18th century with the gold-plated statue of Virgin Mary and the relieves of saints.

The next historical interesting buildings in Husovo Square are two buildings of basic schools. One of them, the former town school for boys, dates from the year 1900, is in the square and in the street bellow it there is the town school for girls from the year 1910. The memorial plaque on the school building in the square commemorates the legionaries who lost their lives in Great War/ WW 1.

Husovo SquareThe Centre of Leisure Activities BÁJO is in Husovo Square. It is intended for leisure activities of children, youth and adults. There is a gallery on the ground floor, the tea-room with a public internet and the office. Behind the house we can find the little yard, public space for children games. The hobby groups and societies have the rooms on the first floor. The most popular is the folklore ensemble Barunka. 

There is the town library in the centre of the town. The first library was arisen at school in the year 1845, later it was placed in the old town hall. Today you can find it in Husovo square in the building of former commercial savings bank that was built according to the design of the architect Jindřich Freiwald.  There are two club rooms for club activities of the Česká Skalice residents on the second floor