Path: Tourism/ Hunting Pavilion

Hunting Pavilion

Hunting PavilionWe left off Česká Skalice and the trail comes to the pictorial valley of the river Úpa, the paradise of tourists and cyclists. Forest path goes through Bažantnice and leads to the protected area of the National Nature Reserve Grandmother Valley. At one time Barunka Panklová went with her siblings on that path to the school in Česká Skalice. On the path about 3 km long the children could refresh at the forest spring existing to present days.

Grandmother´s valleyThe landscape, wide spreading from Česká Skalice along the river Úpa, was called the Grandmother Valley by a physician from Smiřice and the writer Otakar Jedlička firstly in the year 1878.Today hardly anybody knows that in the year 1924 the town Česká Skalice presented the application to the Land Authority for the nationalization of Ratibořice. The Grandmother Valley should have become the national park and the castle with nearby farmyard a resting-place for aged writers and journalists. The application was not positive settled and Ratibořice continued as the estate of Prince Bedřich Schaumburg-Lippe but with the clause “the valley must be opened for public and its nature will not be changed.” The intention to nationalize the Grandmother Valley was realized in the year 1952 when Ministry of Education, sciences and art proclaimed Ratibořice with the valley “landscape and national reserve”.

From the forest path you can observe the remains of technical monument the irrigation system in Ratibořice. The landlord of Ratibořice domain Prince Wilhelm Karl zu Schaumburg-Lippe let renewed in Ratibořice, according to the project of Prussian engineers, the older drainage system, based on water distribution from the river Úpa using pipelines. That method was not successful since the drainage pipes were clogged. Therefore in the year 1874 the owner of the domain invited next specialist to Ratibořice who used more effective Swiss system. Water was distributed from the main drain by the help of small sluices into small gutters. Overflowing water ran away by the collecting channels back to the river.  The irrigation system in Ratibořice belonged to the top of agricultural structures in that time. It is a pity that an insufficient maintaining in the last four decades caused their damage. In future the part of the irrigation system should be repaired and kept as an important technical monument.

Ratibořice chateauInteresting and embedded in green is the building of the hunting (tea) pavilion. Peter Biron, Duke of Courland, father of Catherine Wilhelmine of Sagan had started to build this structure. The pavilion was finished in the year 1800. The frontage of the Empire building creates the portal with two Doric columns, two windows with sun blinds and wide pediment. The centre of the pavilion has hip roof, at the back of the pavilion are enjoined on the square two parallel ground floor wings that create with the back gate door close rectangular court. In the middle of the main frontage there is the large hall where during pleasure trips and hunts some refreshment was given to the nobility.