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Town history

Husovo Square 1920The history of this town goes back to the begining of the 13th century. At those times there were two fortresses to be found here – Malá Skalice and Velká Skalice. The oldest written record of Česká Skalice comes from the year 1490, in the year 1575 Česká Skalice was promoted to the state of a town by Hedvika of Smiřice. The life of this town was not easy all the time – there have been fires, floods and war events in it as well. The most well known battle of Česká Skalice took place here on the 28. June 1866, it was a conflict between Austrian and Prussian army. These occurrences are commemorated by a large number of memorials and graves of fallen soldiers.
Modern history of Česká Skalice is known for textile manufacturing. There is a unique museum in Česká Skalice, which concentrates on this particular kind of manufacture.

As for culture, the name of Česká Skalice is connected with National Revival. Dahlia Festivals, first of which took place here in 1837, became the most important cultural and social event. You can visit exhibitions of dahlias and other events in the Museum of Božena Němcová and the Textille Museum up to these days. You should also pay attention to “Barunka´s school or When Božena Němcová used to go to school”. This is a performance organized by the children folk ensemble Barunka every May.

Husovo Square 1960Today´s Česká Skalice has approximately 5600 inhabitants, during summer this number doubles due to tourists. Appart from nature beauties, many sightseeings and places connected with the authoress Božena Němcová there is also a large number of places for relaxing or sports to be found in Česká Skalice. When visiting our town, do not forget to také your passport with you, for the border with Poland is not far and so you may be wanting to visit this country too.

Every season of the year, there are many places of interest waiting for you in Česká Skalice.