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ČESKÁ SKALICE – A Short History

The history of Česká Skalice reaches back to the beginning of the 13th century and includes also many disasters that happened throughout the time. The most famous battle fought between the Prussian and Austrian armies close to the town took place on June 28, 1866. This battle is commemorated by a number of graves and memorials to soldiers killed in the combat. The name of Česka Skalice is closely connected with Božena Němcová - a famous Czech writer, especially with her childhood and her novel "Babička" (The Grandmother). The Dahlia Celebrations that were once attended by young Božena Němcová became the most important cultural and social events of the Czech National Revival period in the 19th century. You can visit the Dahlia Show and many other events held in the Božena Němcová Museum and the Textile Museum even today.

ČESKÁ SKALICE – Active Exploration

Besides the beauties of nature and historic sights and landmarks, you can find many interesting places to relax in the town's vicinity. Thereare also many places inviting to going in for sports not far from the town. The "Grandmother's Valley" nature trail leads from Česká Skalice to the village of Ratibořice and has several literary and natural-science stops. You can also use a cycle path called "Okruh Boženy Němcové" (the Božena Němcová Loop) running through the Grandmother's Valley or another cycle path marked as "Válka roku 1866" (The 1866 War) connecting places of the bloodiest encounters.

RATIBOŘICE – The Grandmother's Valley

Ratibořice CastleThe national cultural site of The Grandmother's Valley includes not only a series of historic buildings such as the Ratibořice Castle, the Old Bleaching-ground, the Water Mill, the Mangle, the Seigneurial Inn but also "The Grandmother" sculptural group by O. Guttfreund nestled in a pleasant and peaceful landscape having a unique and calm atmosphere. Each year, one week in June, you can meet real characters from "The Grandmother" novel during the event called "Ratibořice is Alive".

ROZKOŠ – The East Bohemian Sea

ROZKOŠ – The East Bohemian SeaČeská Skalice is also closely connected with the Rozkoš Reservoir, often called "the East Bohemian Sea". Campers or recreational vehicle owners can use the Rozkoš Campground & RV Park located on its northern shore. The campground & RV park is open all the year round offering 300 beds in cabins, 800 tent sites and 90 RV sites. Open-air cinema, hotel, restaurant, fast-food stands, minigolf, bicycle and sports goods rentals, water toboggan, sauna and children's playground available. The Rozkoš reservoir is a family holiday place sought after by many water sports enthusiasts and anglers.