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CityWalk: About the Project

An estimated cost of the “City Tours: Unified Tourist Product of Czech and Polish Border Regions” project is EUR 1,110,597.20. 85 per cent of this sum, i.e. EUR 944,007.62 will be covered from the funds granted by the European Regional Development Fund for implementation of the project.

Six towns located in Czech and Polish border regions take part in the project:


City Walk logo1. Bardo (Poland)
2. Świdnica (Poland)
3. Kłodzko (Poland)
4. Kędzierzyn-Koźle (Poland)
5. Česká Skalice (the Czech Republic)
6. Přerov (the Czech Republic)

The main goal of the project is to develop a large-scale tourist product, which will constitute a unified cross-border tourism offer of Czech and Polish border regions. Joint activities in scope of promotion of the cultural heritage of Czech and Polish border regions are carried out under one logo and one name: CityWalk.

CityWalk is:

a network tourist product

  • Implementation on a large scale:
  • Poland – 2 provinces, 4 districts
  • The Czech Republic - 2 provinces, 2 districts
  • Europe - 2 euroregions

Innovative solutions for tourism (Multimedia kiosks and audio guides)

City tourism (Tourist routes were mapped out in all towns as part of the project. The routes are identified by unified signs, i.e. plates featuring photos of historic sites and monuments along with relevant descriptions)

Visual identification of the project (logo and unified signs for identification of routes, fair stands, promotional materials layout and website)

Joint promotional activities (participation in tourism trade fairs in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic)

Unified promotional materials (a unified guide to the project, mini-maps featuring town tours and containing descriptions of historic sites, and a brochure in Polish, Czech, German and English).

Innovative solutions for easier sightseeing and access to knowledge about the history of each of the twin towns (so far only used in large European cities) bring new quality to the border regions.